All customers who bought some of my books and did not get anything should contact me at my address:

Ing. Marek Dlapa, Ph.D.
Lešenská 421
763 14 Zlín 12 - Kostelec
Czech Republic

Do not send any e-mails or post, come personally to the above mentioned address and do not ask anybody for directions except electronic navigation (Google Maps, Garmin, Tom Tom, etc.). I am victim of organized group of criminals who take all my post and e-mails and steal my money through black accounting on PayPal.

IMPORTANT: Take screenshots of your PayPal account with records of your payments for my applications on electronic media (flash disk, diskette, CD ROM, etc.).

Movie Trick (Czech)

Author: Marek Dlapa

Novel based on the criminal acts from the years 1974-2015.

Price: 300,-CZK

Corrections of 1st edition (Czech) [ pdf ]
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Movie Trick (English version) [ pdf ]
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The Birth of the White Horse (Czech)

Author: Marek Dlapa

Novel based on the criminal acts from the years 1975-2013.

Price: 300,-CZK

Corrections of 3rd edition (Czech) [ pdf ]
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Feuilletons - 2013 (Czech)

Author: Marek Dlapa

Book of feuilletons from the years 1990-2013.Feuilletons were written in the years 1990 and 2013 as a response to real cases and description of real crimes which were not investigated by the police or not punished by the competent institutions.

Price: 100,-CZK

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